Transient 光陰流逝 on TDM News

We may easily associate light decline with melancholy but it may make sense to look at it as an opportunity to recognize the value of dusk, the blooming and singing of the dark, in an increasingly illuminated world. We need the world of shadows, those things that cannot be easily explained, that we suspect or imagine, but we don’t know and all those other areas of our lives that are defined by gradations of uncertainty. The ambiguity of the transient has a special place in human thinking and perception. These paintings obscure categories of foreground and background, object and context, and evoke a free sense of natural length. The result is an assemblage of atmospheres arising from rhythm, materiality, light and color, rather than singular form.

我們可能很容易會將光的黯淡和憂鬱聯繫起來,但亦可把此看作一個機會,讓我們在一個日益被照明的世界,認識到黃昏的價值、黑夜的綻放和歌唱。我們的世界需要有黑影的存在,它們不容易解釋、是我們的懷疑或想像,但我們並不知道,我們生活中的各個領域都是由不同層次的不確定描繪出來的。光陰流逝的含糊,在人類的思維和感知上擔當著一個特別的角色。這些作品掩蓋了不同種類的前景和背景、主體和背景,並喚起自然長度的官感。比起單一形態,其作品是節奏、 實體、光線與顏色氛圍的集合。

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