Rites of Passage

Exhibition at Casa do Corpo Santo, a difficult but suggestive baroque space, where Sofia Arez presents a collection of works with a very interesting plastic and symbolic maturity. The works represent and disguise the forms in an exacerbating tempest of chromatic and pictoric values, without easy concessions or shocking colouring. In this way her works present to the observer the question of the ritual changing of forms (pictoric and human). At the same time, when observing them we are obliged to reflect on the conflict between tradition and innovation as a result of the surprising quality of these innovative works.

Estados de Alma, 1993
oil on canvas
200 x 130 cm
Metamorfoses, 1995
oil on canvas
200 x 250 cm
Ritos de Passagem, 1994
oil on canvas
153 x 200 cm
, Contestação pelo Silêncio
oil on canvas
560 x 110 cm
Casulo, 1995
glass and wood
11 x 35 x 15 cm