Sofia’s World
Sílvia Chicó, 1998

Sofia’s world is comparable to the turn of the last century to the present one. It seems invaded by strange forces and beings. It reveals itself in the artistic thought and multiple fictions, a crowd of beings from the past and future which insinuate themselves in the present as if they were amongst us and had acquired a face. At the beginning of the present century they were populated spiritism sessions and they largely fed on superstitions. Now they reappear with other forms, less menacing, beings from beyond, brought by fictions ranging from cinema to literature. They have been showing up in a very natural way ever since she gave her first but courageous steps in painting and sculpture.

Sofia Arez belongs to a generation where the «question of influences» has already been digested. We find a melting pot which takes us several known «isms» which characterize the history of art in the twentieth century. Sofia’s art may be based in one of post-modernism main strengths full freedom to do and redo, but it is one step further the latter’s connotative euphoria. I think that the taxonomy involved in art’s criticism ought in certain cases to suppress itself in presence of situations which are generating new methodologies.

Her poetry makes us wish to say «Sofia’s World», this Sofia who discovers the world and comes already with so much information. It’s as if her eyes had already seen the history of the century with all its oscillations between visionary art and realism which portray troubled humanity. It’s as if she wished to make a new history with another narrative logic, out of all those «histories».

Emergent figures, who are those characters? These modern day extra-terrestrials, which limbo do they evolve from, where are they going, what do they do? It is this somewhat visionary, but not necessarily surreal aspect which seems to me the most original contribution of Sofia Arez art. Her works show us figures who can be either still non-existent beings or human remnants, already lost from human’s memory, but still existent. This young art comes to remind us how ephemeral our presence in the world is and how this may not necessarily mean death. This art is not speaking about dead, it is as if it told us that from this energy something will remain and that world still has a place for unknown entities who need not necessarily be terrible creatures.

In a time where a lot of young people express their creativity using a process, which integrates Conceptualism and the experiences resultant from that logic, Sofia Arez experience is a curious one, which she builds as if she were remembering something visionary or dreamlike.

Although the present exhibition presents relatively small works, previous experiences should be pointed out, where large dimensions were characteristic of two and three dimensional works. What else is there to say? From a setting where gold is the predominant colour, we only know that their author wishes to communicate us something consistent and maybe urgent. Future will tell.